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Iskan Mobile

Dedicated and totally secure service provided free of charge to HBTF customers

Access a wide range of Digital Banking Services directly in the palm of your hand anywhere you are (24/7)

Inquiry services

  • Inquiry about account balance
  • Inquiries about transactions on the account
  • Inquiries about time deposit rates
  • Inquiry about currency exchange rates
  • Inquiries about electronic clearing Cheques / Cheques deposited in the account and Chuques drawn on the account.
  • Inquiries about credit cards.
  • Query for future and past transactions
  • Inquiries on my orders
  • Debit Card Information
  • Virtual Cards Information
Financial Transactions

  • Financial transfer between own customer accounts 
  • Financial transfer between customer accounts and between other accounts within the branches of the HBTF
  • Transfer to other accounts with local banks (ACH/RTGS)
  • Swift Transfer
  • Western Union Express Transfer Service (inquiry, send money, receive money)
Payment services

  • Pay bills through Fawateercom
  • Credit Card Payments / settlements
  • CliQ . Service
*Raising the ceiling of credit card online financial transactions through the Internet (purchases via the Internet)

  • Request a detailed account statement
  • Check book request
  • Credit Card Request
  • Request a personal loan
Other services

  • Opening new accounts Non-HBTF customers (Saving)
  • Opening Sub Accounts (Saving/ Deposit)
  • Stop the debit card / credit card
  • Incoming and outgoing mail service
  • Change the password for the Iskan Mobile service
  • Locating ATMs and branches of the Housing Bank
  • SMS service control
  • CRIF . Credit Inquiry
  • Express Balance Service
  • Choose a preferred account
  • Activate the trusted device feature
  • Issuance of a certificate of interest
  • Application evaluation service
  • SMS Management 

Downloading the Service


 1- Download and install the service directly on your mobile phone by searching (HBTF Mobile Banking) either at the Apple store for you IOS device or the Google Play Store for your Android device or Huawei Store.

 2- Login for old Iskan Mobile users

 3- Click on (Trouble signing in) then click on (Forget Password) and follow the steps mentioned on the attached user guide please click here

 4-  Login for New users (never Registered in the old Iskan Mobile application)

 5- Click on (Register Now) and follow the steps mentioned on the attached user guide please click here


FAQs about E-Services

You can call at +96265200400 , or the toll free number 080022111.

Between your own account 10,000 JOD per day To other HBTF account 5,000 JOD per day To other local banks account 5,000 JOD / USD/GBP/EUR per day, to International banks 5,000 JOD/USD/GBP/EUR per day ,The Limit of daily transfer through e-channels for other international banks is : 5000 JOD/euro/$/GBP

There are no charges to this service.