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CliQ service

Welcome to CliQ service – the ultimate solution for all your financial needs. With CliQ, you can transfer money and make incoming or outgoing transactions with just a few taps on your mobile.

Scan whatever you want to buy through Iskan Mobile! 

Start purchasing whatever you desire anytime and anywhere with CliQ QR Code through Iskan Mobile, no wallet needed!

 Advantages of using CliQ QR through Iskan Mobile application:

  1. Easy and flexible usage wherever you are through POS machines
  2. Flexible payment, shopping, facilitation of purchases and money transfers in real-time
  3. The amount is deducted from the account without carrying bank cards

* CliQ service is owned by JoPACC as it designed to be easy to use, secure, and to make your life simpler by managing your transfers without worrying about losing your money.

With CliQ service, you can:

  1. Open an account for free
  2. Make secure transactions either by sending or receiving money, as you can request money from the other parties
  3. Track your spendings by viewing the CliQ history
  4. You can pay by scanning the QR code

* With CliQ, you can make sure that your money is transferred safely via our highly secure application. Download Iskan Mobile application (link to download) now and start making transactions more efficiently with our CliQ service.

Downloading the Service


 1- Download and install the service directly on your mobile phone by searching (HBTF Mobile Banking) either at the Apple store for you IOS device or the Google Play Store for your Android device or Huawei Store.

 2- Login for old Iskan Mobile users

 3- Click on (Trouble signing in) then click on (Forget Password) and follow the steps mentioned on the attached user guide please click here

 4-  Login for New users (never Registered in the old Iskan Mobile application)

 5- Click on (Register Now) and follow the steps mentioned on the attached user guide please click here