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Direct Facilities

Revitalization of various businesses and the implementation of contracts and support the import and export operations.

Indirect Trade Facility

A group of commercial services (facilities) provided to the importers, exporters and contractors sector

Industrial Loan

A program dedicated to financing industrial projects and service sectors for corporate clients and small and medium enterprises

Electronic Services

Distinctive services that enrich your banking experience, to manage your accounts and pay your obligations.

SMEs Loan

Sectors supported by this program includes Agricultural, industrial and serviceable projects.

Middle Office Unit – MOU

We are the communication unit of HBTF clients for Trade Operations and Transfers.

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Fees & Charges

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Business vehicles loan program

This program is intended to finance the purchase and renewal of business vehicles of all kinds.

Productive Loans Program

Program dedicated to financing new and existing projects (including expansion, improvement and development).

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Central Bank Program to support MSME’s

In cooperation with Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.

First Central Bank Program


The Housing Bank Signs Financing Deal with FiberTech for JD25 Million.

Middle Office Unit – MOU

Communication unit for Trade Operations and Transfers.

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The National Program to face Coronavirus Crisis

Financing for small & medium-sized companies

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Banking Solutions

A distinctive package of integrated banking and financing services for small, medium and large companies

Credit Programs

Integrated banking solutions and services in the field of corporate finance for all customer segments, from small, medium and large companies, with many advantages

Financial Institutions

Banking services without borders meets the requirements of financial institutions through the network of local and foreign branches of the Housing Bank and a network of correspondents covering more than 60 countries