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Easy Tawfeer

Easy Tawfeer service is waiting for you to start your new and unique journey with the easy and smart savings!

When using your debit card for purchasing, we will round the amount paid to the closest value you chose to match your savings goals, then the estimated amount will automatically be deposited into your savings account / your kid’s account, which means that will be feeding your savings account / your kid’s account every time you make a purchase. You can withdraw the rounded amounts at any time.

How Easy Tawfeer Works

  • If you have a Debit card on your account (Current / Salaries), activate the service by visiting the nearest branch or contact our Call Center (Iskan 24/7) at: +96265200400 or through Iskan Mobile Application.  
  • Choose the round up value that suits you to reach your saving goals (to the nearest 5 dinars, 10 dinars or 20 dinars)
  • When using your debit card for local and international purchases on point of sale machines (POS) and if the product/service payment contains a change, the amount will be rounded to the category that you have chosen, and will automatically transferred to your savings account

Terms & Conditions

  • Subscription to Easy Tawfeer service is Free
  • The customer must have a Debit card and have an active savings account with the bank to participate in Easy Tawfeer service
  • Easy Tawfeer service applies to purchases made through the Debit card only
  • When using your Debit card for purchasing, amount paid will be rounded to the closest value, and be deposited automatically into your savings account on a daily basis (at the end of each day)
  • The amount of purchasing and the rounded value will be deducted from your primary account linked to the Debit card
  • Customer cannot benefit from Easy Tawfeer service if there is insufficient balance in the primary account, which linked to the Debit card
  • You can transfer the rounded value to your saving account / your kid’s account
  • The customer has the right to withdraw the savings account balance any time
  • These terms and conditions are an integral part of the requirements of Debit cards and the request to obtain a Debit card, and the general terms and conditions for opening bank accounts and dealing with them, and the terms and conditions as applied by the bank and / or as amended from time to time
  • The customer acknowledges that he has read the conditions above and has agreed before signing the application to subscribe to Easy Tawfeer service

Download and install Iskan Mobile App directly on your mobile phone

by searching (HBTF Mobile Banking) either at the Apple Store for your IOS device or the Google Play Store for your Android device or Huawei Store.


* Subscribe to Easy Tawfeer service from Housing Bank by visiting the nearest branch or contact our Call Center (Iskan 24/7) at: +96265200400 or through Iskan Mobile Application.

* Subject to the terms and conditions of the bank