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FX & Precious Metals

We offer you the opportunity to deal in the foreign exchange markets quickly and at competitive prices


We provide you with the ability to deal in the local, regional and international capital markets (stock markets/debt instruments)

Asset Management

We provide you with innovative investment solutions based on extensive studies that meet your needs

Investment Services

We offer you investment services such as safe custody, issuance and investment services

Financial Advisory

Financial advisory services that suit your requirements in various economic sectors

Treasury Sales

We serve you to keep abreast of all the changes taking place in the foreign exchange markets

Money Market

Money Market Services: Grant financing (lending) and accept deposits (borrowing) to customers at competitive amounts and prices

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We have the treasury team at your service.

Interest and Charges

The fees and charges of our banking services

FX Bulletin

Daily Markets Bulletins (Indicative Levels Only)


Foreign Currency Interest Rate Bulletin

Daily Markets Bulletins (Indicative Levels Only)


Iskan E-Trading service

Trade in international markets and stay up to date with your investment portfolio anytime, anywhere, through Iskan E-Trading service (available through HBTF Invest app)

Investor's Relations

​The aim of this section is to strengthen the relationship between the HBTF Group with the Investors and Financial Institutions by providing adequate information pertaining to the Group in terms of facts and performance.​

ASE Reports 2023

Stock Markets Bulletin – Amman Stock Exchange/International Indices