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Iskan SMS

free service provided to HBTF customer.

Track your account activity through notifications

You can now track your account activity through notification sent directly to your mobile every time a transaction happens, this is a free service provided to HBTF customer.

 Iskan SMS Services

Push Message Service: You can receive SMS in English or Arabic on your mobile phone on our numerous banking services (more than 57 services) and updates on the transactions on your accounts.

Subscribing to Iskan SMS

  • By visiting any of our branches
  • Through Iskan mobile App
  • Through our Call Center (Iskan 24/7) at + 96265200400


    1- Update your personal information

    2- Select the account you want to receive information on

    3- Select from a various sets of services you would like to receive

    4- Select the time frame you wish to receive the messages


Inquiry services
  • The last two transactions
  • Exposed account
  • A check that led to the account statement
  • A check drawn that exceeds a certain value
  • A bounced check
  • The maturity date of the term deposit
  • Overdue accounts
  • Account balance
  • Currency rates (3 major currencies / Jordanian dinar - dollar - euro)
  • Interest rates and outstanding loan installments
  • Change in the interest rate
  • Renewal of the deposit account
  • Notice that the data must be updated
  • A notice of the necessity to visit the branch to renew the Safety boxes
  • Issuance or renewal of a direct debit card
  • Notification of the need to move the account to avoid freezing
  • A notification message of successful sub-account opening
  • Receipt of the letter of commitments
  • CliQ . Service Registration
  • Notification to cancel the subscription to the CliQ service
  • Notification of the MTCN number of the WU . service

Financial transactions
  • Money transfer via Iskan Online
  • Money transfer via instant bank
  • Money transfer via Iskan Mobile
  • Money transfer via ATM
  • Check out the counter
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Deposit through an ATM
  • Deposit through the branch
  • Salary Arrival
  • Remittance Arrival
  • Make a payment to the visa card
  • Outgoing remittances
  • Check Deposit
  • Check cashing
  • Payment messages through points of sale
  • Maturity of overdraft facilities
  • Interest entry (credit/debit)
  • Transfer through CliQ
  • Receipt of CliQ Transfers
  • Loan installments due
Other services
• Renewing the debt cards.

FAQs about E-Services

By visiting any of our branches and filling the form 

You can access the service 24/7, 7 days a week.

You can sign up for the SMS service once you open an account or by visiting the nearest branch. You can also contact the call center at +0096265200400.To subscribe to the Iskan Mobile service , download the app stores and follow the registration steps.

You can contact the call center on +96265200400, or the toll free number 080022111.