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Advanced Salary Service

Terms and conditions

  • Commission of the advance salary service in the amount of 3 JODs in case the value of the ceiling granted is (50-100 JODs), 4 JODs in case the value of the ceiling granted is (101-500 JODs) and 5 JODs in case the value of the ceiling granted is more than 500 JODs, and the bank has the right to amend its commissions and segments at any time
  • Bank repay the full amount utilized during the month from customer’s salary transferred to the Bank, and to do so upon receipt of the salary or at the end of the month, whichever occurs first
  • Advance salary service canceled in case where the customer do not use the service within a period of three months from the date of approval to grant him the service
  • The maximum age of the customer to benefit from this service is 75 years, and in the event where the customer exceed this age limit, the bank will cancel the service immediately
  • The bank will deduct any amounts utilized during any month, either in cash or from any of customer’s accounts held with the bank or from any of their dues, without the need to submit any special declaration therefore
  • In the event of not receiving the salary for any reason, then the bank will charge the monthly commission according to the same mechanism until full payment, with retaining the right of the bank to take all measures it deems appropriate for repayment
  • Benefiting from this service shall remain as long as the bank’s instructions allow thereof, and the bank shall have the right with its own discretion to stop this service at any time it elects without having to provide the reasons and without bearing any legal responsibility
  • The bank shall have the right, without the need for any prior notification, to reduce the ceiling of these facilities and in accordance with the salary actually received by the bank or for any other reason the bank deems appropriate
​Advanced Salary Service
​It is a service that enables you to get your salary in advance on any day of the month before it is transferred to your account

- The possibility of withdrawing the advanced salary amount is through the bank's branches network, ATM network, ITM network, or paying your purchases amount through your debit cards
- Monthly amounts up to 100% of your transferred, net salary after deductions
- This service includes all transferred salaries for individual customers that are eligible to enroll in the service
- Guarantor is not required
- To activate the Advanced Salary Service, visit the nearest branch or contact our Call Center (ISKAN 24/7)  at +96265200400
Bank terms and conditions apply.

 For further information, please get in touch with our Call Center (ISKAN 24/7) at +96265200400, or the toll-free number 080022111, or follow us on social media platforms. ​