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Purchasing E-Vouchers via the Housing Mobile Application

Gaming and shopping e-vouchers at competitive prices only on Iskan Mobile

Definition of Service

The E-Voucher Purchase service: it is a service offered by Housing Bank in cooperation with a third-party service provider that allows customers to purchase electronic vouchers through Iskan Mobile application, including, but not limited to, “entertainment, shopping, and games” services; where the customer will choose the voucher of the desired service and pay  through the bank account, and after the completion of the payment, and through the automatic connection with the service provider, the serial number and service activation code will be given to the customer to use on the merchant’s platform.


Get your e-voucher from different merchants and countries when purchasing it through Iskan Mobile application.

  • You can choose from over 400 e-vouchers of different categories and competitive prices
  • Select the preferred region when purchasing your e-voucher
  • You can use it directly or send it as a gift through social media platforms or email
  • You can view your previous e-vouchers through the “History” option

Terms and Conditions

  1. A third-party service provider manages this service

  2. By using or buying the vouchers from this service provider, you agree and subscribe to be subject to these terms and conditions

  3. The bank reserves the right to modify or cancel the service at any time (or part of the application’s content) without prior notification and at any time it deems appropriate

  4. Housing Bank is not responsible for the quality or specifications of the products provided by the service provider

  5. The customer—service user—acknowledges and agrees that the bank’s access to the service and its tools is on an “As Is Basis” basis and without any guarantees, offers, conditions, or follow-ups of any kind

  6. Housing Bank is not responsible for what may arise from or related to the customer’s use of the third party’s tools (service provider)

  7. The customer—service user—is prohibited from using the application or any of its contents for any purposes that violate the law or incite others to perform any actions that violate the law

  8. The customer—service user—undertakes to agree for the bank to share their information or transaction details performed on their accounts (through Iskan Mobile) with the provider that the bank deals with regarding the electronic voucher service, and the service provider can save and keep all—or part—of this information

  9. The bank will not return the value of the voucher (the transaction completed through Iskan Mobile) that has been paid to the providing company, whether or not received by the customer (due to technical errors), where the bank would deliver the complaint/objection of the customer to the providing company to provide the customer with that voucher over their email

  10. The service may be subject to additional charges by the bank on top of the basic voucher price

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