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The bank offers a distinctive and varied package of bank account products that suit all your needs and desires of customers of different segments and ages

Saving Account

The Housing Bank savings account is designed for all the bank's customers, to be able to save for their future and the future of their children and participate in the draw for our special prizes.

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Salaries Account

This account is intended for employees and for those who receive a monthly salary, as through this account the employee can obtain various benefits different from other accounts.

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Basic Bank Account

A current account in the Jordanian dinar currency is only available for Jordanian residents with special terms and features targeted to individuals who do not have bank accounts.

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Time Deposit Account

This account is created to all clients who wish invest in their savings over a period aiming for high returns. You have the option to open this account in various currencies

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Current Account

The current account is designed for all our individual and corporate clients to be able to obtain banking services, shortening the distance between them and the bank wherever they are

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A package of financing programs in the field of housing, consumer or Auto loans to help you achieve your dreams and desires


A special package of debit and credit cards to suit your needs, with the advantage of involving you in the Iskan Coins service

Iskan Coins

Collect Iskan coins and get rewards every time you pay for your purchases using your debit or credit cards


Banking solutions and services for all customer segments from small, medium and large companies

Do you want to get a loan? Learn more about the distinctive Housing Bank Loans

Personal Loans

The personal loan from the Housing Bank allows you to meet your personal needs of all kinds at competitive interest rates with a set of privileges

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Housing Loans

Easy approval conditions and competitive interest rates in addition to many privileges

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Auto loans

Own your dream car with a competitive interest rate and get the new additional privileges of our Auto Loan product.

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You are the winner With Housing Bank cards

Exchange your card today for one of the Housing Bank credit cards with no issuance fees and 0% interest rate for the first 3 months!

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FAQs about Accounts

The Savings Account aims to encourage customers to save their money for their family and their future with the assurance that their money is in safe hands and grow with the growth of their assets. The Savings Account also gives them an opportunity to win one of the prizes of valuable Savings Accounts announced

The Saving Account is designed for all our customers. This is because it suits all those customers who wish to save money for their family and achieve financial security in the future. Customers can assure that Housing Bank Saving Accounts achieve security and continuous growth of their savings.

Current Account is designed to suite the need of all our customers, Individuals, merchants and companies. This account helps our customers to attain banking services that shorten the distance between them and the bank wherever they are.

This account is tailored for employees and other individuals who receive monthly salary transferred to their bank account. With this account, employees can reap several benefits not available in other accounts.