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You can send any inquiry or suggestion by filling out the designated form.


Customer Complaints

We are keen to allow all our customers to exercise their right to file a complaint through several means.

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Contact direct sales team members to answer private banking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance responds to whatever queries you have in regards to any of our services.


Help, Inquiries, and Suggestions

Customers of the Housing Bank can send any inquiry or suggestion through the following means:

  • Calling the Iskan call center 24/7 at +962 6 5 200400 from any fixed or mobile line or the toll-free number 080022111.
  • Please indicate, in your inquiries and suggestions, the new bank account number and the landline and / or cell phone number, in order to be able to communicate with you as soon as possible.To protect your accounts, please do not include your card numbers or your passwords in any correspondence.
  • Fill out the online custom form, by clicking on the button below:
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Main Branch

Telephone service center (Iskan 24/7) and the talking bank: +9626 5200400 or the number 080022111


Head Office
Telephone: +962 6  5005555
Facsimile: +962 6 (5678121 - 5691675)
P.O. Box: ( 7693) , Postal Code (11118) – Jordan
Al-Shumaysani, Prince Shaker bin Zaid street
Amman, Jordan