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A set of special cards that enable you to easily access the best and finest services available

Settle your bills instantly by using eFAWATEERcom service through our banking e-channels instantly through your Visa credit card.

Make the move and discover the benefits of our cards

Transfer with no interest and enjoy easy installments

With credit cards (Visa), enjoy our Installment Program over flexible periods starting from 3 months up to 24 months

FAQs about Cards

The interest-free period may reach to 55 days depending on the date of transaction. There is no interest-free period on withdrawal cash transactions.

Available payment instructions on credit cards: 5%or 100%

Credit card statement issues on end of each month.

Yes, you can activate your card for online purchases through submitting a request where it is possible at any time to contact the 24/7 telephone service center and request to amend the ceiling or cancel the service, or though the Iskan Mobile application.