​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The Housing Bank For Trade & Finance responds to whatever queries you have in regards to any of our services. Your questions and answers will be found in this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. We have classified questions with their ideal answers in different categories based on subject relevance to facilitate the search process.

Asked Question

  • What is the minimum income to get the Auto loan?

    minimum income to get the Car loan is JD 250


  • What are the main banking services that the bank provide in Bahrain?

    The bank’s branch in Bahrain provides a bundle of services, innovative and unique financial solutions suited for customers in the retail and corporate sectors.

  • How can I start trading?

    Through coordinating with your branch , or through visiting Jordan Treasury department located in the Head quarter building.

  • Does Housing Bank provide Internet Banking Services to Corporate Customers?

    Our clients receive many quick and safe Banking Services through Iskan Online and Corporate Mobile Banking, which allows corporate customers to conduct many operations like:

    Money transfers, Pay Bills, Request a Check book, Balance Inquiry, Interest and currency exchange rates, Inquiries about checks deposited in the account and checks drawn on the account, in addition to sending inquiries from the customer to the bank.

  • What are the advantages of opening a Salary Account with Housing Bank?

    You can withdraw your salary in advance at any time of the month

    Free Debit Card to withdraw cash from ATM machines or purchase from retail stores and outlets

    Free access to all Housing Bank electronic services (Call Center (Iskan 24/7) , Phone Bank, Iskan online,Iskan Mobile and Iskan SMS)

    Pay different utility bills

    You can apply for loans or credit facilities you need with preferential terms

    You will be notified at the date in which your salary is deposited, your account balance and any transactions made on your account, by signing up to the SMS messaging service for free.

  • Will my bank provide me with different IBAN for each of my accounts?

    Yes, for all accounts that accept outgoing or incoming transfers or both.

  • How can I Register to the Iskan Mobile – Retail ?

    through downloading our app from the app store, play store or Huawei store and choose the registration option then filling the required fields.

  • How can I access the Phone Bank Call Center (Iskan 24/7) services?

    All you need is your Debit Card PIN code 

  • What is the maximum amount of Auto Loans financing I can get?

    Financing can reach up to JD 150,000

  • Can I use my card for online purchases?

    Yes, you can activate your card for online purchases through submitting a request where it is possible at any time to contact the 24/7 telephone service center and request to amend the ceiling or cancel the service, or though the Iskan Mobile application.

  • Does the money transfer service reach all parts of the world?

    Yes it does. This is because HBTF has a wide network of correspondent banks. The number of the correspondent banks exceeds 500 covering all parts of the world.

  • Why is “Housing Loan” from Housing Bank your perfect solution?

    Unlimited loan ceiling Tenor of loan up to 30 years

    Competitive interest rate

    Grace period up to 6 months in case of purchase and up to 24 months for construction

    Financing up to 100% of the real-estate estimated value

    life insurance coverage

    Pre-approved credit card with free subscription fees for the first year


  • What is the Minimum limit for opening a Basic Account?

    There is no minimum account opening limit.


  • Who is qualified for a salary Account?

    This account is tailored for employees and other individuals who receive monthly salary transferred to their bank account. With this account, employees can reap several benefits not available in other accounts.

  • Do I need the beneficiary’s IBAN when requesting to issue a money transfer from my account to a beneficiary’s account within same bank inside the Kingdom?
  • Who is qualified for a Time Deposit Account?

    This account is designed to all customers, individuals, companies and business owners. It enables them to invest their money with high returns for different tied up periods with the ability to open this account in many currencies.

  • What is the period available for installment through the Personal and household purchases installment program?

    Loan tenure up to 5 years (including grace period), Grace period up to 2 months.

  • How can one benefit from the bank’s services without visiting the bank?

    ·         The bank capitalizes on the latest technological and electronic global means to serve it’s clients anytime and anywhere; through using services such as the Internet banking and the Mobile Banking.

  • What is the difference between FX Margin and FX cash trading Services ?

    FX Margin service depends on a trading limit given to client, while FX cash service depends on balance available in client’s account

    There are credit and debit interest rates applied on FX Margin accounts balances, while for FX cash service no interest is applied

    Trading limit given under FX margin service is 7 times client’s deposited cash collateral , while FX cash service trading is limited to actual available balance in client’s account

    FX Margin trading agreement is different from FX cash account service agreement

    FX margin trading service depends on adequacy ratio monitoring, while FX cash account service not

    Under FX margin trading clients can sell a currency that he doesn’t own , while under FX cash account service this is not allowed

  • How does the Housing Bank help its customers to deal with the negative repercussions of the Corona (Covid 19) pandemic?

    The Housing Bank has provided several options, in cooperation with local and external entities, to cover the needs of its customers from small, medium and large companies, and to help deal with the negative repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and to provide these companies with the necessary funding to conduct their business at competitive interest rates and flexible payment periods within various economic sectors, in a manner that ensures that these companies are able to maintain the functioning of their business, pay the salaries of their employees, and covering their various operating expenses.