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Sustainability Report

The Housing Bank follows a strategic trajectory that involves embedding sustainability considerations within its disclosures and main business

The Housing Bank follows a strategic trajectory that involves embedding sustainability considerations within its disclosures and main business, leading to reinforcing its banking business and building successful business relations, in addition to ensuring that this trajectory is compatible with the Bank's values and mission.

The Housing Bank realizes the importance of this approach due to its role in reducing risk, encouraging innovative products and services, motivating sustainable growth, improving the level of customer satisfaction, and reinforcing the Bank's position, and increasing its goodwill and brand value, as well as fulfilling stakeholder expectations. Therefore, the Bank is working diligently to consolidate sustainability and embed it in its daily operations.

Involving Stakeholders

Constructive involvement with stakeholders inside and outside the Bank is considered the foundation of the Bank's mode of operation towards sustainability to enable the Bank to identify stakeholder priorities and the challenges it faces to activate its role to become more sustainable.


Housing Bank's Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability represents an opportunity to effect a positive change for individuals, society, and the environment. Building confidence through transparency and working effectively is a vital factor in achieving this goal. Hence, the Housing Bank's approach to sustainability focuses on six basic foundations, namely:


Effective Governance and Strong Risk Management

The Housing Bank focuses on the presence of proper structures, policies, and procedures to ensure the practice of solid governance. The Bank also focuses on maintaining the highest levels of moral behavior to create confidence and participation between the Bank and stakeholders.


Responsible Banking Services

The Housing Bank is committed to extending and developing responsible banking services based on achieving strong financial performance, founded in responsible lending and investing principles, thus contributing to achieving environmental and social sustainability. This would reinforce the Bank's role in sustainable economic development through financing national projects in general and environmental-friendly projects in particular, in addition to projects and programs that preserve water and energy resources.


Developing Talents

The Housing Bank focuses on investing in its human capital and works at providing a satisfactory, safe, and healthy work environment that protects the right of employees provides them with fair and competitive salaries, encourages them to exert their best efforts and develop their professional and personal skills, and encourages them to communicate and cooperate together, thus contributing to the achievement of the Bank's strategic goals.


Create a Positive Social Influence

The Housing Bank plays an influential role in creating a positive social influence that contributes to local communities' social and economic development, creates mutual value, and strengthens society.


 Customer Service for a Better Financial Future

The Housing Bank places its attention to customers at the top of its priorities, helping them prosper and grow, fulfilling their numerous needs and requirements, and making banking services extended to them more smooth while ensuring that their privacy is maintained.


Innovation and Digital Transformation

The Housing Bank adopts digital solutions and challenges traditional business models by adapting the manner in which it offers its digital products and services to provide the best banking experience for customers.

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