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Iskan Plus

We designed the Iskan Plus program exclusively for our distinguished clients, which enables them to issue cheque books, withdraw and deposit, as well as get many other benefits that facilitate your banking transactions to save you time and efforts.

 Special features

With Iskan Plus, our specialist RMs and call center agent will give you the highest priority starting from cash withdrawal and deposit in our branches to flexible financing solutions that suit your needs.

We hope you will enjoy your banking experience with Iskan Plus as we will always thrive to provide you with the latest financial solutions and services with excellence and comfort.

As a member of Iskan Plus, you can benefit from the following free banking benefits and solutions:

  • Emergency instant cash services while traveling through Western Union transfer through Iskan Mobile application. ( Download section at the bottom of the page : Steps to send a quick Western Union transfer)
  • Dedicated RM and locations designed especially for our Iskan Plus members.
  • Priority for in-branch withdrawal, cash deposits, and cheques.
  • Priority for Iskan 24/7 call center.
  • Installment and award programs for credit cardholders.
  • Round-the-year installment program with 0% interest at significant merchants.
  • 50% exemption on the main credit cards’ issuance fee for the first year.
  • Higher cash withdrawals limit through our ATMs and point-of-sale purchase transactions on your debit card.
  • Double winning chances for saving accounts for every 100 JOD increase in balance.
  • Premium loan rates less than the announced rates.
  • Free loan commission for buyout loans.

Contact us

For more information about Iskan Plus:

  • Visit one of our relationship managers at any dedicated branch. To check the locations of our branches where Iskan Plus RMs are located, please click here​​.
  • To contact Iskan Plus dedicated RMs, please click here 
  • Or contact Iskan 24/7 at +96265200400.


Iskan Plus Membership Term and Conditions

  • This program is designed to provide customers who meet the program criteria with a variety of exclusive offers and features, in accordance with the bank’s terms and conditions.
  • In the case that a customer no longer qualifies for Iskan Plus, all features and benefits of the program will be stopped, and all charges, fees, and declared interest rates on the customer’s accounts and services will be applied.
  • All terms and conditions of the bank’s products and services apply.
  • Housing Bank reserves the right to terminate the program at any time, and will notify customers accordingly.
  • Housing Bank reserves the right to amend the interest rates applied to the client’s debit balance or to amend the features of the program at any time, and will notify clients accordingly.
  • If the bank launches a promotional campaign with preferential interest rates and special features, Iskan Plus clients will be eligible to take part in said campaigns and promotions.
  • The customer agrees to notify the bank in writing if he/she changes his/her address, phone number, or other contact information; otherwise, all notices and documents sent by the bank to the original address/email/number provided by the client will be upheld as legally admissible notifications and communications.
  • In the case of a full or partial cessation of salary transfer, the customer agrees to notify the bank in writing regarding any such adjustment or change.
  • The bank has the right to contact the customer’s employer to request any necessary information, and the client agrees to provide the bank with any information or documentation that is requested.
  • The bank withholds full discretion to cancel the customer’s membership at any time, as long as official notification is provided to the client at his/her registered mailing address.
  • Credit card terms and conditions shall be considered valid and applicable upon issuance of credit card.
  • In the event that a deposit of any amount is deposited to the customer’s account by mistake, the bank reserves the right to reverse the transaction, and the customer retains no claim to the deposited amount.
  • This program is subject to the terms and conditions laid out by House Bank and the provisions and regulations enumerated under Jordanian law.