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Iskan Plus

Iskan Plus

We designed the Iskan Plus program exclusively for our distinguished clients, which enables them to issue cheque books, withdraw and deposit, as well as get many other benefits that facilitate your banking transactions to save you time and efforts.

With Iskan Plus program from Housing Bank, take the right step!

We designed Iskan Plus program exclusively for our distinguished customers, to take you to a distinguished level of banking services. The specialized relationship managers and call center employees will give you the highest priority in receiving the service. From cash deposits and withdrawals in branches, to flexible financing solutions that meet all your needs.

Elevate your experience with us and we will always continue to improve the level of services we provide to you!

Free features

  • Dedicated relationship manager and designated Iskan Plus branches for prioritized services
  • Instant cash in case of emergency while traveling through Western Union quick transfers via Iskan Mobile application
  • Installments, discounts, and loyalty programs for Iskan Plus debit and credit cards
  • Exemption of 50% on the main credit card issuance fees for the first year
  • Extra chance of winning in savings accounts for every additional 100 JODs in the balance
  • A lower interest rate than the advertised rate for consumer loan products granted to you
  • Exemption of loan granting fees purchased from other banks (Buyout Loans)

 Subscribe to the paid program and enjoy additional features at a small monthly fee:

  • Exemption of 100% from credit card issuance and renewal fees
  • Exemption from the commission of 4 local transfers carried out annually, with a maximum of 4 JODs per transfer including the Housing Bank fee exemption only
  • Exemption from the commission of 1 international transfer carried out annually, with a maximum of 10 JODs per transfer including the Housing Bank fee exemption only
  • Exemption from the commission of a 25-sheet checkbook once a year
  • Exemption from salary transfer commission of 1 JOD per month
  • Benefit from the advanced salary service with a commission of only 2 JODs per month.
  • Iskan Plus debit card with a special and modern design
  • Priority in queueing systems at the bank’s branches to get the banking services you need, such as withdrawing and depositing cash and checks
  • A higher daily limit for cash withdrawals through our ATMs located across the Kingdom, and for purchases made with Iskan Plus debit card
  • A chance of earning more Iskan Coins when using the Iskan Plus debit card for purchase transactions
  • Exclusive discounts for Iskan Plus customers from selected merchants

 * Subject to the bank’s terms and conditions.

Contact us

For more information about Iskan Plus:

  • To contact Iskan Plus dedicated RMs, please click here 
  • Visit one of our relationship managers at any dedicated branch. To check the locations of our branches where Iskan Plus RMs are located, please click here​​.
  • Or contact Iskan 24/7 at +96265200400.