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Mustaqbaly accounts campaign

Mustaqbaly account is designed for all our individual customers below 18 years old so that they can save for their future and participate in the draw for the special prizes of Mustaqbaly accounts and savings accounts.

With Mustaqbaly Savings Account... You’re the winner! 

Open or feed a Mustaqbaly Savings Account for your kid to participate in amazing prizes

Mustaqbaly Account Prizes for 2024

Prize Type


Weekly Prizes

 10 winners of a Smart Watch for   each

Monthly Prizes (2،4،5،7،8،10،11)

10 winners of a PlayStation 5 for   each

Monthly prizes for months (3,6,9)

 5 winners of iPad for each

5 winners of Scholarships up to 4,000 JODs for each

 Grand Prize end year

General Terms and Conditions for Mustaqbaly Savings Account Prizes : 

  1. The minimum balance to participate in the weekly prize draw is 100 JODs
  2. The minimum balance to participate in the monthly prize draw is 250 JODs
  3. The minimum balance to participate in the draw for quarterly prizes (3,6,9) and the grand prizes are 1,000 JODs
  4. The account opened for a customer under 18 years old must be Savings Mustaqbaly
  5. The drawing process will be disposed of during official working days
  6. Prize amount equal to or more than 1,000 JODs will be subject to income tax according to approved tax rate
  7. In the event that the winning customer wishes to give up the prize and not receive it for any reason, the bank has the right to cancel this prize and/or cancel the withdrawal from it and/or take appropriate action officially by the bank at its sole discretion in this regard
  8. It is not permissible to withdraw more than one type of prize on the same day, and prizes with a higher value cancel out prizes with a lower value if the periodicity of the two prizes coincides with the pension
  9. The award shall be canceled after a period of 6 months from the date of its announcement if the winner did not refer to the bank to claim it
  10. The campaign ends on 12-31-2024

Additional Features for Mustaqbaly Savings Account

  1. Account holders can open more than one Mustaqbaly savings account
  2. The higher the account balance and the longer it is kept, the greater the chances of winning
  3. The account holder can win more than one prize
  4. Flexibility to withdraw and deposit money at any time
  5. Getting a free debit card to access your accounts
  6. Periodic interest to be added to the Mustaqbaly savings account
  7. Benefiting from electronic services (Iskan Online, Iskan 24/7, Iskan Mobile, and SMS)
Open a Mustaqbaly savings account or feed your current balance to increase your chances of winning.

Prize Exceptions 

The following are excluded from the prize draw:

  • The account number who wins the weekly prizes is excluded from participating in the draw for the same type of prize for a period of 3 months
  • The account number who wins the monthly prizes is excluded from participating in the draw for the same type of prize for a period of 6 months
  • The account number who wins the grand prizes (quarterly/ end of the year) is excluded from participating in the draw for the same type of prize for a period of 12 months
  • Mustaqbaly accounts whose balance is less than 100 JOD, as well as accounts whose owners do not need to participate in the draw
  • Mustaqbaly accounts for deceased clients are excluded
  • Mustaqbaly accounts in foreign currencies are excluded
  • All cash insurance accounts of various types are excluded from participation in the draw

Mechanism of Calculating the Chances 

Chance Calculation Details

Earned Chances

Basic Chances


Minimum account balance of 100 JODs.

10 chances


For every increase of 25 JODs in the balance referred to above.

1 chance

Additional 100 chances are given to customers who meet the below criteria combined.


At least one year of clientship with the bank.

100 chances


The minimum account balance should be at least 1,000 JODs throughout the year.


The customer should not have won any announced prizes throughout the year.

Additional chances are given based on account deposits and retention of balances.

For each deposit with a value of 500 JODs or more, the customer will get 10 chances from the depositing date and up to the draw date. Moreover, the customer will earn 3 extra chances for each month after the depositing month if they maintain the initial balance without any withdrawals. If the customer withdraws any amount from the initially deposited amount, they will not be entitled to get the additional chances, and the process of calculating the chances starts again with the new balance.







Maximum Number of Chances

3,000 chances


* Terms and Conditions apply.