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Tourism Loan Program (Corporate)

This program is dedicated to suitable financing of customers segment of small companies, individuals within Touristic sector in cooperation with the USAID.


  • Tourist restaurants
  • Apartments and hotel suites
  • Motels

Interest Rate

Interest rate is equivalent to Overnight Interbank price + margin to be defined by the Bank with zero commission.

Financing Ceiling

Financing ceiling is ranged from 5,000 – 70,000 JODs.

Percentage of Financing

In the event of financing is directed to buy real estate assets within the target sectors, then the financing rate shall not exceed 75% of estate value, based on credit policy of the Bank in accepting and accrediting the Estate for granting purposes.

Loan Term

Repayment period is up to Seven years including grace period up to a maximum of 12 months.


Active partner life insurance policy in addition to any other guarantees the bank deems fit on the light of assessing the customer credit position.

Financing Objectives

  • Buying fixed assets
  • Financing working capital (sales and purchases
  • Building operations, updating and expansion works
  • Financing opening new branches
  • Any other objectives within tourism sector

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