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Money Transfer

Many choices to make Wire Transfer and Certified Cheque Issuing service in major currencies, in Jordan and any place in the world offerby HBTF

HBTF offers to you many choices to make Wire Transfer service in major currencies, in Jordan and any place in the world.

You can send your bank transfers through

  • Iskan Mobile*
  • Iskan Online*
  • Our all branches around the kingdom

* When you make wire transfers through Iskan Mobile and Iskan Online, that's will be with preferential commissions, less than commissions deducted through our branches.

Advantages of HBTF Money Transfer Service?

  • Wire transfers are usually executed maximum of two working days beginning from the date of issue.
  • The wire transfer dates can be set dependent on client instructions.
  • Transfer funds within Jordan are wired into the beneficiary's bank account on the same day of issuance using RTGS system.
  • The beneficiary receives the incoming transfers from outside Jordan upon its arrival, and from any of our branches around the kingdom.

Swift Code: HBHOJOAX

To assure you receive your payments on time and without any delay, please make sure the below information exists correctly in your payments

  • Ordering customer full name (minimum 3 parts) without any abbreviation
  • Ordering customer address (street name, building number, town, city, P.O.BOX)
  • Beneficiary's bank swift code should be correct
  • Beneficiary's IBAN should be a valid IBAN if the IBAN is applied in the beneficiary's bank country, otherwise, correct account number should be sent
  • A clear purpose of the payment and preferably to use a purpose code from the list mentioned in HBTF bank portal) Treasury and financial institution / Financial Institution / purpose code)
  • Beneficiary's full name (minimum 3 parts) without any abbreviation
  • Beneficiary's address (street name, building number, town, city, P.O.BOX)

Download and install Iskan Mobile App directly on your mobile phone by searching (HBTF Mobile Banking) either at the Apple store for your IOS device or the Google Play Store for your Android device or Huawei Store.


FAQs about Money Transfer & Bank Drafts

Yes , you can transfer money to HBTF wherever you are through a wide network of correspondents banks distributed over 60 countries if you have Housing Bank Bank account, Make sure to mention the beneficiary’s four-part name and specify his/her account number, and the branch’s name.

In case you dont have a housing bank account, you can send money through Western Union 

Important Note: We accept transfers even if the beneficiary does not have an account at the bank. We notify the beneficiary about the arrival of transfer by telephone .

Please get in touch with our call center (Iskan 24/7) at +96265200400, or our toll free number 080022111 or thtough Iskan Mobile


Its an instant payment for local banks and its available 24 hours 7 days a week

Yes you can. HBTF offers the Western Union money transfer service that facilitates the process of transferring and receiving your money in a fast way through Western Union agents around the world or through HBTF branch network. Moreover, you can visit the Western Union agent at the place you reside in and send us transfer. All you need to mention is the beneficiary’s name.