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FAQs about Online Payments

Yes , you can transfer money to HBTF wherever you are through a wide network of correspondents banks distributed over 60 countries if you have Housing Bank Bank account, Make sure to mention the beneficiary’s four-part name and specify his/her account number, and the branch’s name.

In case you dont have a housing bank account, you can send money through Western Union 

Important Note: We accept transfers even if the beneficiary does not have an account at the bank. We notify the beneficiary about the arrival of transfer by telephone .

Yes you can. HBTF offers the Western Union money transfer service that facilitates the process of transferring and receiving your money in a fast way through Western Union agents around the world or through HBTF branch network. Moreover, you can visit the Western Union agent at the place you reside in and send us transfer. All you need to mention is the beneficiary’s name.

It enables the customer to send and receive money between bank accounts across all participating banks in Jordan instantly and to and from any mobile wallet and its available 24/7.

Yes it does. This is because HBTF has a wide network of correspondent banks. The number of the correspondent banks exceeds 500 covering all parts of the world.