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Credit Card Instant Cashflow

Transfer with no interest and enjoy easy installments

Enjoy installing the transferred amount for up to 12 months!

Terms and Conditions

  • The card must be primary and activated
  • The card’s account must be activated
  • No outstanding installment must be due on the card upon instant cashflow request
  • Minimum amount for instant cashflow is 00 JODs and maximum amount is 80% of the available card ceiling, not exceeding 10,000 JODs
  • Maximum number of instant cash allowed on a single primary card is 3 times during the year, if the card ceiling allows
  • Commission rate calculated on the transferred amount as follows:

Repayment Period

Commission Rate

6 months

3% with a minimum of 30 JODs (whichever is more)

12 months

6% with a minimum of 30 JODs (whichever is more)

  • The sum of the transferred amount and the commission must not exceed the card ceiling
  • If the customer fails to pay 2 consecutive payments, the entire remaining amount is combined with the used balance and the prescribed interest rate is calculated at 1.75%
  • The types of accounts to which it is allowed to transfer are current accounts, salary accounts, and savings accounts in Jordanian dinar currency only
  • Visa Infinite cards in USD currency are excluded from the service

 * Terms and conditions apply.