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Fixed Assets Financing Program

This program is dedicated to suitable financing of customers segment of small companies, individual businessmen, craftsmen


Small Companies, Customers, Individual, Craftsmen and Vocational Individuals.

Interest Rate

Interest rate is equivalent to Overnight Interbank price + margin to be defined by the Bank with zero commission.

Financing Limit

Financing Limit is ranged from 5,000 – 70,000 JODs.

Percentage of Financing

Financing rate is 100%

Loan Term

Repayment period is up to five years including grace period up to a maximum of 12 months.


Active partner life insurance policy in addition to any other guarantees the bank deems fit on the light of assessing the customer credit position.

Financing Objectives

  • Buying machines, equipment, of a project works
  • Financing buying Estates for the project premises, or any of its branches such as buildings, factories, machines and/or paying obligations originated from buying assets
  • Financing decoration works and buying furniture for the project premises or branches thereof