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Wednesday 13 January 2021

Housing Bank Launches Iskan Engage: Self-Service Digital Branch


The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, the most widespread bank in the Kingdom, has announced the launch of Iskan Engage, its first of its kind self-service digital branch at its headquarters in Shmeisani. The new branch, which provides the bank’s customers with an incomparable and interactive digital banking experience, is considered a leap in the digital banking services in the Jordanian market.

The new digital branch is an important addition to the Housing Bank’s extensive network of branches across the country, with cutting-edge features that offer customers a range of integrated services around the clock, allowing them to perform their banking transactions immediately, easily and securely.

Customers are meant to enjoy a distinctive banking experience with Iskan Engage, which harnesses the latest innovations in the world of banking technology and digital transformation, offering in-depth information on the Housing Bank’s banking products, services and financial management features through interactive touchscreens that can be viewed in pods or at tables. 

Iskan Engage is also outfitted with upgraded ATMs equipped with the most advanced technological features, and allows clients to communicate with customer service officials virtually through innovative Interactive Teller Machines (ITM) equipped with video technology, supporting a comprehensive range of banking services and transactions, at any time, day or night. 

Another exciting feature of Iskan Engage is the fully automated safety deposit box system, which can be accessed safely via fingerprint and magnetic card technology, ensuring that customers have access to their possessions at any time, around the clock, and with ease and complete privacy.

Commenting on the launch Iskan Engage, Housing Bank Chief Business Officer Vasken Ajemian said, “At the Housing Bank, we seek to continuously provide innovative banking services by investing in the latest digital technologies available to the banking industry. Today, we are delighted to launch our first self-service digital branch, which offers the Jordanian market and our customers an interactive and unique self-banking experience in line with their needs while simultaneously advancing our efforts on the road to digital transformation.” 

Ajamyan went on to add, “Through Iskan Engage, which is the first of its kind in the Kingdom, we offer clients the services they need by harnessing the technological power of innovative interactive devices. This new branch is an exemplary addition to the Jordanian banking sector, and an example of the bank’s focus on innovation, technological development, exceptional quality, and highly-competitive banking services."

Iskan Engage is yet another offering by the Housing Bank that demonstrates its emphasis on digital transformation and the provision of value-added services to its customers. Recently, the bank purchased 185 ATMs equipped with the most advanced technological services, which will provide services, quickly, easily and without the need to visit a physical branch. The bank also completed the development of contactless technology for all its branded credit and debit cards, which now feature the bank’s new headquarters in a distinctive and modern design. Furthermore, the bank redesigned and relaunched its Iskan Mobile app, and launched the Iskan V-Card, which provides its users with the highest levels of protection and security and can be issued immediately through Iskan online or Housing Bank’s Mobile app. 

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