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General Assembly Meeting

The Fifty Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance Board of Directors decided to hold the Fifty Shareholders Ordinary General Assembly Meeting on Thursday 30.03.2023 at 11:00 am.

The Forty-Ninth Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

According to Defense Order No. (5) for the year 2020 issued under the provisions of the Defense Act No. (13) of 1992, and the procedures issued by His Excellency the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply on 09/04/2020, the Forty-ninth Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of Housing Bank for Trade and Finance was held on 24/03/2022 via Video Conference, the shareholder’s participation in the Assembly Meeting was (94.788%), and the following decisions were taken:

  • Approval of the Board Report for fiscal year 2021, the Bank Action Plan for the year 2022, the Bank Financial Statements as of December 31, 2021 and approving of the Board of Director’s proposal to distribute cash dividends to shareholders for the year 2021, at the rate (20%) of the shares par value.
  • Release from liability of the Members of the Board of Directors for the business year 2021.
  • Approving of the Board of Directors decision to appoint Messrs. Kuwait Investment Authority as a non-independent member of the Board of Directors as of 07/09/2021 following the resignation of Messrs. Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium as of 18/08/2021, based on the article 150 of the Jordanian Companies Law No. 22 of 1997, and article 30 of the Bank’s memorandum and articles of association.
  • Approval of the appointment of Messrs. Deloitte as auditors, responsible partner (Mr. Shafiq Kamil Batshon holding license No. 740) a responsible for auditing for the fiscal year 2022, and authorizing the Board of Directors to determine their fees.