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Direct Facilities

A Variety of products (facilities) direct trade to contribute to the revitalization of various businesses and the implementation of contracts and support the import and export operations

Direct Facilities includes the followings: 

This service provides financing to clients who’s their nature of work requires short-term financing to cover any short-term cash flow gaps (withdrawal, deposit and clearing checks) and the term of financing is one year and extendable in the light of the client's creditworthiness, financial and credit strength, good use of the account, and profitability.

Discounted Promissory Note or (DISCOUNTED BILLS)
This service includes financing the client against liquidating the bills of exchange provided for the deduction to provide the necessary liquidity. This service is offered in the form of a discount bill or a one-time discount request.

Real Estate Investment Loans
Providing the necessary financing to investors and real estate developers. The funding is disbursed in installments commensurate with the cost of the funded project and other self-financing sources and repaid in installments

Contractors Financing
This service is provided to contractors to assist them in the execution of their projects, whether to spend on projects referred to the contractor and / or open letter of credits to import the necessary materials for the projects.

Terms of service
FIRSTLY, the credit period shall not exceed the period specified for the implementation of the project or the period specified by the Bank's internal instructions, transfer of the project extracts to be financed to the Bank under a legal right transfer through which the facilities are paid, and finally the project LG and LC shall be issued through the Bank.

Loans in foreign currency
This service provides financing to the client in foreign currency according to the instructions and parameters of the Central Bank of Jordan.

Long-term loans
Long-term loans are granted to finance the purchase of fixed assets and investment projects and the payment is programmed in the form of periodic installments

Syndicated loans
Large projects are financed by a group of banks and the loan is managed by one of the participating banks.

Revolving loan
A revolving loan is a credit ceiling granted to finance the working capital needs of commercial and industrial activities within specified terms and criteria and a repayment period that allows the reuse of reimbursements for the same purpose and within the ceiling granted.