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Iskan E-Trading service

Trade in international markets and stay up to date with your investment portfolio anytime, anywhere, through Iskan E-Trading service (available through HBTF Invest app).

This service by Housing Bank is curated by the bank itself rather than a stock trading company, and is distinguished by its modern design, high-safety features, and user-friendly experience, resulting in a personalized investor experience.

 Iskan E-Trading Service Features

  • Direct trading with real-time prices in most international markets that are covered by the bank’s investment service department during international trading hours.
  • Buying or selling directly through the app, with clear and easy steps.
  • Continuous follow-up on the customer’s investment portfolio, with automatic and instant updates, as well as displaying important relevant data.
  • The service is directly linked to the customer’s bank account, providing instant updates on balances.
  • High safety and protection features.
  • Seamless navigation between features and options.
  • Staying posted with the latest news related to international companies and markets at all times.
  • Available for iOS-, Huawei and Android-operated smart phones
  • Download HBTF Invest App and Trade now:

* For any inquires, call Investment Services Center 065005538