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Monday 16 October 2023

Housing Bank Renews its Strategic Partnership with Elia Nuqul Foundation


Housing Bank and the Elia Nuqul Foundation have recently renewed their strategic partnership agreement, originally dating back to 2016. Through this partnership, the bank aims to support the foundation in achieving its goals and mission by providing university scholarships to students who have secured seats in public universities based on standardized criteria and specific requirements set by the foundation. Under the renewed partnership, which will continue until 2026, Housing Bank will offer two fully covered university scholarships to two students benefiting from the Foundation's services. These scholarships will cover all tuition fees, transportation costs, training programs, and administrative expenses over a period of four years. In addition, it provides students with the opportunity to obtain practical training in the bank's various departments during their university enrollment, which will enrich their educational and practical experience.

Through this initiative, Housing Bank expresses its continuous commitment to expanding educational inclusion and enhancing equal opportunities. This is in line with its belief in the importance of investing in Jordanian youth as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy. This partnership also embodies the sustainability principle embraced by the bank, as the bank had previously covered the costs of scholarships for several students in collaboration with the Elia Foundation since 2016. The Elia Nuqul Foundation covers tuition fees and transportation costs for grant beneficiaries as part of its mission to develop young people by providing them with opportunities to pursue higher academic studies in universities, community colleges, or vocational education. Additionally, the foundation organizes training programs to develop students' personal, scientific, linguistic, and technical skills, preparing them for the job market.

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