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Sunday 25 April 2021

Housing Bank Launches a Ramadan 25% Cashback Campaign for Purchases on Visa Credit Cards

The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, the most widespread bank in the Kingdom, launched an exclusive Ramadan promotional campaign that offers holders of the bank’s branded Visa credit card 25% cash back on the total value of their transactions at selected outlets every Tuesday for the entire month.

The cashback campaign for branded Visa credit cards is a show of appreciation by the Housing Bank for its customers that simultaneously encourages users to prioritize credit cards over cash for their purchases at outlets including bakeries, supermarkets, roasteries, butcheries and fishmongers, for their ease of use and the added valued they offer. 

The campaign, which will run for the entire month of Ramadan, is yet another example of Housing Bank’s extensive range of programs, solutions and benefits exclusive to its credit and debit cardholders. To date, the bank has launched offers for its popular Iskan Coins loyalty program that offers cardholders redeemable rewards for their transactions, a discount program available at a number of outlets, as well as an installment program for purchases made using the bank’s branded credit cards. 


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