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Sunday 18 July 2021

The Housing Bank Launches the 1Huddle E-learning and Training Employees Platform

In line with its belief in the importance of empowering its employees and developing their skills in pursuit of further growth and achievements, the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, the most widespread bank in the Kingdom, has launched the 1Huddle platform for e-learning and training.

For the development and launch, the bank partnered with Vermont, a company that adopts the training games or gamification methodology, specializing in creating advanced and diverse training methods through a platform and / or training application on the Internet and as a mobile app.

The 1Huddle platform is an innovative and competitive approach that aims to provide employees with systematic and on-going training to enhance their levels of knowledge and expertise in the basics of banking as well as touching on recent developments in the sector through an interactive and competitive individual and group approach that involves a question-based methodology centered around real and practical scenarios. The platform has proven to be highly flexible in terms of the acquisition of new information and updating previous knowledge that simulates employees of all ages and levels.

The platform focuses on creating a stimulating and competitive institutional culture for education, continuously displaying results on the Top Leaders Dashboard, which lists participants in each session, points earned and current positions. It also allows for the study of educational content, all that has been designed, developed and produced by the platform’s in-house trainers, and all employees who excel are recognized with prizes.

1Huddle joins the Housing Bank’s extensive development and training system, empowering employees to further develop their skills through continuous training that ultimately improves the quality of services and products that the bank provides. Employees can also take part in periodic training plans that are consistent with the bank’s strategy of continuously investing in its human resources and building a culture of ongoing learning in order to further the dynamism of its team, enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and champion professionalism on all levels.

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