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Wednesday 3 February 2016

Housing Bank launches promotional campaign



The Housing Bank launched a new savings accounts prizes campaign (The biggest saving prize in Jordan with the sum of 1,111,111 dinars that needs a winner... and instead of a prize we have two). Thus, prizes continue on savings accounts presented by The Housing Bank to be the biggest prizes in Jordan in terms of the total value of the total prizes and in terms of the number of awards and the value of a single prize. The withdrawal on the grand prize of one million one hundred and eleven thousand one hundred and eleven dinars will be held twice during the year 2016, the first will be by the end of July 2016 and only for one winner while the second by the end of December 2016 and also for one winner.

It is worth mentioning that the Housing Bank is a pioneer bank and constantly the leader in granting savings accounts prizes on the banking level in Jordan. where the total cash prizes offered by the Housing Bank for savings accounts that more than 7 million dinars annually which is the biggest in the Jordanian banking market without a competitor and will be won by more than 10 thousand winners during the year 2016 divided on daily prizes of 10 thousand dinars, and the largest monthly 100 thousand dinars, in addition to the other monthly prizes of 750 dinars won by 50 winners and also prizes of JD 100 won by 925 winners and the withdrawal of the grand prize of 1,111,111 dinars, which will be twice this year.

The Housing Bank complied with the continuous communication with its customers in appreciation to their permanent loyalty and their trust in its multiple and distinctive banking services, where the bank is always trying through these motivational campaigns to encourage existing customers to increase their account balances and encourage citizens from non-clients to open a new savings accounts at any of the branches of the bank in the hope of winning several prizes rewarded by the bank to the owners of these accounts.

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