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Monday 8 March 2021

Housing Bank Celebrates International Women's Day by Honoring its longest serving Female Employees


The Housing Bank, held a celebration on International Women's Day, observed each year on March 8, in appreciation of the diligent work and extraordinary efforts and contributions of its female employees. At the ceremony, which took place at the bank's headquarters, a number of the longest serving female employees were recognized.

The event was attended by Housing Bank CEO Ammar Al-Safadi, the chief business officer, as well as senior executive team members, who all spoke of appreciation for the efforts that the female team members have exerted throughout their years of service at the bank.

During the celebration, Al-Safadi spoke of his appreciation for the honorees, saying that they have been witnesses to the bank's successful journey, which has been marked by numerous accomplishments and contributions. He went on to add that the celebration is directly in line with the bank's tireless support of the role working women play in society. 

Al-Safadi said, (Women in the field of banking, especially since the establishment of the Housing Bank, have cemented their significant position due to their exceptional abilities that have allowed them excel at their jobs, rising to and overcoming any challenges they may face.) He also noted that, at Housing Bank, women hold a considerable number of leadership positions.

Al-Safadi confirmed that the Housing Bank continues to work towards further development and advancement, adding that this is based on the institution's understanding that recognizing excellence and encouraging an atmosphere of cooperation and group requires that all employees work as one team.

At the ceremony, the honorees expressed their appreciation to the Housing Bank's management team for this recognition, adding that the transformations achieved by the bank have reaffirm their commitment and readiness to continue their work in the same spirit of competitiveness and excellence that has set the Housing Bank apart in the sector.

In 2020, female employees at Housing Bank made up 42.15% of the total number of employees, with those working in middle and senior management making up 16.29% of the total team members. 

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