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Thursday 13 February 2020

Housing Bank Carries out Emergency Evacuation Drill for Employees


Housing Bank, the largest and most widespread bank in Jordan, has successfully carried out an emergency evacuation drill at its headquarters for its employees and customers today, Thursday, February 13, 2020, in a period of time that did not exceed a few minutes, in line with international standards in this field, according to Housing Bank's Chief Operations Officer Marwan Al-Khouli.

Al-Khouli explained that the implementation of this plan was to ensure the readiness and efficiency of the public safety system at the Bank's premises, in addition to conducting an evaluation of the emergency plans and improving them to become more effective in the event of any accident, God forbid.

On the details of the plan's implementation, Al-Khouli indicated that the scenario included the triggering of the alarms, the evacuation of all employees to the assembly points next to the Bank's main building using dedicated emergency exits, and then taking them back to their offices, after confirming the site's safety by contacting the Director of the Risk Management Department which oversaw the entire evacuation process.

Al-Khouli indicated that the evacuation and resumption of work were conducted with high professionalism and within an acceptable period of time, when compared to the number of employees and the size of the Bank's building.

Al-Khouli stressed that this experience showed Housing Bank's commitment to the highest standards of security and safety to protect the lives and safety of its employees, customers, and properties, pointing out that all employees regularly take part in public safety courses and are trained on how to deal with any accident.

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