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Wednesday 2 June 2021

The Housing Bank Celebrates the Country’s Centennial and Independence Day with Jordanians in a Unique and Creative Approach


When it comes to individuality and excellence in the Jordanian banking market, Housing Bank is at the top of the list. As the most widespread bank in the Kingdom, its distinction is earned not only from the strength of its capital base, investments, and realized profits, but from its unique national initiatives that emphasize its pride in Jordan, its path, and achievements.

Last April, celebrating the country’s centennial, Housing Bank produced a video based on augmented reality technology. Posted on social media platforms and broadcasted on a number of TV channels, the video sheds light on Jordan’s achievements and heritage. With inspirational content focusing on the country’s sacrifices and determination, the community and leadership were brought together to envision the march from the past to the present and look towards the future.

In celebration of Jordan’s 75th anniversary of independence on the 25th of May, the bank showcased a 3D Mapping video on its headquarters façade. The video celebrated Jordan’s cultural and archeological landmarks from the north to the south.

 The video was well-received and admired by Jordanians who stopped by in the Shmeisani area to watch it. It will run until the 14th of June and commemorate the anniversary of Army Day on the 10th.

As the march forward continues, Housing Bank will move in tandem by launching various initiatives throughout the year that declare with confidence that we are ready for the future and greater achievements.

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