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Tuesday 30 June 2020

Using the Microsoft Teams Technology, The Housing Bank and Elia Nuqul Foundation Meet with Students Benefiting from the Bank’s Scholarships



As part of its continued effort to support quality education in the kingdom, senior members of the Housing Bank's executive team recently held a virtual meeting with a number of beneficiaries of the Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF), whose undergraduate scholarships were partly funded by the Housing Bank's social responsibility program. The meeting was headed by Housing Bank CEO Ammar Al-Safadi and ENF Chairman Ghassan Nuqul.

A total of four students had benefitted from the joint initiative between Housing Bank and ENF, two of them had already graduated from local universities and two others continue to receive their education. The Housing Bank had renewed its partnership with ENF in 2019 for an additional four years, offering annual grants for exceptional students that cover the entirety of their university tuitions.

The meeting, according to Al-Safadi, served to maintain open channels of communication between students and the sponsoring institutions, in addition to gauging their feedback on their educational experiences and training, in addition to providing them with insights that may facilitate their journeys into the job market.

Al-Safadi added that such scholarships are part of Housing Bank's strategy to make quality education more accessible to exceptional students and to provide them with the resources necessary to pave their way towards a stable and prosperous future. Such programs also offer students unique opportunities to undergo additional training that focuses on developing personal, practical, and professional skills to facilitate their entry into the job market.

 During the meeting, Ghassan Nuqul spoke of the importance of expanding the partnership with the Housing Bank, particularly in view of the success. It has experienced in previous years.

(Successful partnerships are those that achieve successive and cumulative results, which is why broadening our strategic partnership with the Housing Bank comes as part of the shared vision to provide opportunities to promising young people and guiding them along the challenging path to self-actualization,) said Nuqul.

The Elia Nuqul Foundation has, since its establishment in 2008, worked to provide young Jordanians with opportunities for them to complete their higher education at universities, community colleges or through vocational training programs. The foundation covers their tuition fees and offers training programs that cultivate relevant, practical skills that are conducive to career acceleration.

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