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Tuesday 19 September 2023

Housing Bank "Top Employer Jordan 2023"


Housing Bank has achieved a remarkable milestone by obtaining the Top Employer Jordan 2023 certificate, presented by the prestigious Top Employers Institute. This certification program acknowledges organizations that excel in creating exceptional work environments and offering development opportunities and distinctive benefits.

The bank's attainment of this prestigious certificate is a result of its dedicated efforts to implement the best strategies, practices, and policies for managing its human resources, including quality programs that encompass training, qualification, development, and equal motivation, as well as initiatives to enhance community participation. All of these efforts are aimed at enhancing professional progress and improving performance, ultimately leading to institutional excellence. This, in turn, enriches the career path of its employees. As the bank firmly believes in its role as a strategic and effective partner, dedicated to supporting its visions and achieving its goals. It strives to do so in a manner that reflects positively on the experience and satisfaction of its customers.

The bank has obtained the Top Employer Jordan 2023 certificate through a comprehensive and integrated evaluation process. This evaluation is based on researching facts, auditing collected information, and following the methodology of the Top Employers Institute. It undergoes thorough research to ensure its validity. These steps encompass the tangible aspects and factors of the internal work environment, with a specific focus on HR. The goal is to ensure the implementation of best practices and policies related to comprehensive human resources activities, specifically aimed at employee development, in addition to providing an ideal and distinctive work environment.

The Top Employers Institute is an internationally accredited organization that specializes in recognizing and appreciating the excellence of organizations in creating a distinctive work environment and conditions for their employees. The institute, headquartered in the Netherlands, began its work in 1991 and has since recognized the efforts of a significant number of the world's best employers.

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