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Wednesday 11 August 2021

The Housing Bank Supports the Renovating and Upgraing of the Princess Basma Health Center though Himmetna Initiative

The Housing Bank, recently signed an agreement with Himmetna, which will see the bank supporting the first phase of the Himmetna (3) project to renovate and upgrade the Princess Basma Health Center in Ras Al-Ain, which is one of the most important health centers in the capital, Amman, and serves 750,000 people annually.

This is the second time that the Housing Bank and Himmetna join forces, with the bank financing the full equipment and renovation of an intensive care room for patients at the Department of Oncology and Cancer in Al-Bashir Hospital in 2020 as part of the Himmetna (1) initiative.

According to the agreement, which was signed between Housing Bank CEO Ammar Al-Safadi and Himmetna Executive Director Fadia Samara, the bank contribute to the financing and renovation of the 1,700-square-meter center, including infrastructural development, demolition, construction, decoration, furniture, electricity, mechanics, and central air conditioning systems, as well as providing new medical equipment.

The agreement signed with Himmetna is directly in line with the Housing Bank's corporate social responsibility framework, which avidly supports healthcare institutions in their efforts to support the healthcare services. The bank also regularly collaborates with national institutions as part of its continuous efforts to work towards the achievement of sustainability.

At the signing, Al-Safadi spoke of his appreciation for the efforts of Himmetna to develop the Jordan's healthcare services, stating, "We are proud to support the Himmetna initiative for the second consecutive year.  Last year, we had the honor of supporting the Himmetna (1) project by supplying and fully equipping an intensive care room at the Department of Oncology and Cancer in Al-Bashir Hospital. Through our cooperation agreement, we are able to better reflect the corporate citizenship of Housing Bank and the emphasis it places on its corporate social responsibility strategy through its support of the healthcare sector, which is especially true today, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.  Today, we pledge our support to Himmetna (3), and we expect it will have a positive impact on the Princess Basma Comprehensive Health Center, which welcomes over patients 20,000 each month and requires continuous advancements that allow it to maintain its readiness and enhance the level of healthcare services it provides."

Also, at the signing, Samara praised the Housing Bank's support of its initiatives, adding that Himmetna continuously works to advance the healthcare services provided at the Princess Basma Comprehensive Health Center by implementing a medical engineering model that applies international health standards that takes into consideration the flow of patients and their ease of access to healthcare.

Himmetna, which was launched in 2019, aims to champion the rights of patients to receive proper treatment in a safe environment and under conditions that uphold their dignity and humanity. This is achieved by creating treatment centers in line with international standards while simultaneously advancing cooperation between private sector institutions and civil society institutions to support the government sector.


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