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Thursday 26 March 2020

Housing Bank’s Social Committee Donates 16,600 Dinars to “We Cover Their Daily Wage” Initiative


Housing Bank, the largest and most widespread bank in Jordan, has announced a donation of 16,639 dinars by its Social Committee for "We Cover Their Daily Wage", an initiative launched by a coalition of charitable organizations on the Naua platform, one of the Crown Prince Foundation's initiatives. This step follows the Bank's donation of 1.6 million dinars to the Ministry of Health and its support for the nationwide efforts made to face the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in Jordan.

Made through the Bank's Social Committee, this donation is a reflection of the employees' social responsibility towards various groups of society. The donation will support the families of daily workers who have stopped working because of the current crisis, including the announcement of a curfew by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and will cover the cost of 2,377 food parcels, at a value of 7 dinars per parcel.

The idea behind the "We Cover Their Daily Wage" initiative is to collect donations to distribute food parcels containing basic food needs that can last for a week. Parcels will be prepared and disinfected under the supervision of specialized authorities, and then distributed in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and government guidelines pertaining to the curfew law to ensure that no infection occurs.

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