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Sunday 16 June 2019

Housing Bank Signs Partnership Agreement with Elia Nuqul Foundation in Support of University Students


The Housing Bank, which has the largest and most extensive banking network in the Kingdom, has signed a partnership agreement with the Elia Nuqul Foundation to provide two university scholarships for the years 2019 – 2022 through the newly established Housing Bank Scholarship.

The agreement was signed by Housing Bank Chief Executive Officer Ammar Al-Safadi and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Elia Nuqul Foundation Ghassan Nuqul at the bank's headquarters in Abdali in the presence of representatives from both sides.

According to the agreement, the bank will cover all tuition fees for two university students, who must also satisfy the requirements and criteria of the Elia Nuqul Foundation.

The Housing Bank Scholarship is an embodiment of the bank's continual support of the education and vocational training sectors, and falls directly in line with the bank's work to sponsor activities that provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged students.

Housing Bank CEO Ammar Al-Safadi confirmed that the partnership agreement aligns perfectly with the bank's corporate social responsibility strategy, which focuses on supporting the education sector as one of the pillars of social development, particularly by providing educational opportunities for students who have the ambition and desire to learn in spite of difficult conditions. The Housing Bank Scholarship is yet another part of the bank's continued journey of participating in social initiatives provide further opportunities for students.

Al-Safadi spoke of his confidence that the support provided by the Housing Bank would contribute to motivating young people to complete their education and develop skills that allow them to achieve their hopes and ambitions for a brighter future. He called on the private sector to follow the bank's example in supporting the building of a skilled generation capable of making the quality changes needed in society by providing them with outstanding education opportunities.

Also at the signing, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Elia Nuqul Foundation Ghassan Nuqul thanked the Housing Bank for its tactile role in furthering the sustained development process by supporting the Elia Nuqul Foundation's vision of providing Jordanian youth with opportunities to complete their university education and qualify for the job market. The foundation will work to reinforce its strategic partnership with the banking sector in order to continue providing opportunities to its stakeholders.

Nuqul went on to add, "This agreement is further indication of the importance of the conviction of the country's institutions and sectors in the Elia Nuqul Foundation's mission, particularly since change can only be achieved by enabling our youth to acquire adequate education that is compatible with the job market's needs. It is remarkable that 71 percent of the foundation's students receive job opportunities as soon as they graduate, indicating that the foundation is on the right track."

The Housing Bank and the Elia Nuqul Foundation have been partners since 2016, a cooperation that emanates from the bank's conviction in encouraging institutions that provide support to students during the university stage.

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