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Sunday 13 September 2020

Housing Bank Signs Cooperation Agreement with Civil Status and Passport Department


The Housing Bank, the most widespread bank in the Kingdom, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Civil Status and Passport Department, which will see the bank providing an innovative business development tool package (SDK) through the smart ID card technology.

The agreement, which was signed on September 9, 2020, between Civil Status and Passport Department Managing Director Fahad Amoush and Housing Bank CEO Ammar Al Safadi at the bank’s headquarters, specifies that the bank will have access to data on the smart ID card automatically, safely, and reliably when verifying a customer’s identity is needed.

The signing of the agreement is aligned with the bank’s strategy to offer that latest and most innovative services to its customers, facilitating their banking transactions, saving them time and effort, as well as giving them access to cutting-edge services.

The advanced SDK package allows the reading of data on both sides of the card through encrypted files that can be accessed in order to secure a number of banking services rapidly and efficiently whilst ensuring the confidentiality of the customer’s information.

During the signing, Amoush said, (This agreement solidifies the partnership between the public and private sectors, and ensures that we continue to offer optimal service delivery methods within controls and protocols that ensure confidentiality and security of every citizen).

Amoush added that the agreement will enable the Housing Bank to read the data on the card via a digital strip using a smart card reader, retrieving personal data without human intervention, noting further that electronic verification is one of the most important features of the technology, which practically eliminates identity fraud.

Also at the ceremony, Al Safadi affirmed that the agreement allows the bank to continue providing its customers innovative and integrated banking services, facilitating transactions while preserving the confidentiality and security of their personal and private information. He went on to praise the efforts of the Civil Status and Passport Department and its establishment of a secure and integrated database that provides outstanding services to the citizens of Jordan.

Al Safadi spoke of the Housing Bank’s position as a digital transformation innovator that delivers the latest global services to its customers, adding that this agreement is in line with its strategy to accentuate the role of electronic banking services as an essential part of prevailing banking trends.

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