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Sunday 25 July 2021

The Housing Bank Announces the Winners of the Semi-Annual JD99,999 Savings Account Prizes

 The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, the most widespread bank in the Kingdom, announced the winners of its semi-annual savings account prizes of JD99,999 each, which were claimed by Rabieh branch customer Lama Jamal Abdullah Al-Shanti and Hai Nazzal branch customer Samir Ahmed Abdullah Abdullah.
Through this innovative campaign, which offers chances to win daily, monthly, semi-annual and annual prizes, the Housing Bank delivers on its commitment to offer its clients exceptional services while simultaneously spreading awareness about the importance of saving as a means of securing a better future.
Housing Bank customers can open savings accounts either online with simple, safe and effective steps using the Iskan Mobile app, or by visiting one of the bank's branches located in all governorates of the Kingdom. Holders of savings accounts can enter the draw for valuable prizes in different categories, with five daily prizes each worth JD999 dinars, five monthly prizes each worth JD9,999, two semi-annual prizes each worth JD99,999, as well as two prizes at the end of the year also worth JD99,999 each.
Holders of Housing Bank savings accounts also enjoy numerous benefits including increased chances of winning the balance of their account the longer they save. As per the campaign rules posted on the bank's website, savings account holders can win more than one prize each year, can acquire a free Visa card, and can also benefit from periodic interest payments added to their accounts, in addition to use of online services Iskan Online, Iskan 7/24, Iskan Mobile, and SMS services.
The Housing Bank offers its customers a number of innovative banking products that allow them to save and manage their payments, including the free service Easy Tawfeer, available to debit cardholders, which is an easy and smart automated option that rounds up the amount paid through debit card to the nearest category, as chosen by the customer, and adds it to their savings account automatically.
As part of its determination to always present added-value services, the bank continuously works to serve the holders of its branded credit and debit, including the loyalty and rewards program Iskan Coins, which allows them to access rewards, in addition to continuously offered special discounts, installment programs and cashback campaigns on the bank cards. 
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