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Monday 18 January 2016

Housing Bank launches residential loans campaign with minimum interest rate of 5.99%


The Housing Bank launched its new outstanding campaign for residential loans, which is considered the best deal for residential loans in the Jordanian Banking market with minimum interest rate of 5.99 percent, in addition to exemptions from mortgage fees and grants commission. This step stems from the Bank's strategy that aims at supplying the local market with distinctive banking products and services with a high added value, particularly in the field of residential loans, to satisfy the various banking needs of customers.

On this occasion, Mr. Ihab Saadi – Acting General Manager of the Housing Bank- stated that "the launch of the new residential loan campaign stems from the keenness of the bank to support economic activity in various sectors, in particular the real estate sector, as the campaign aims to attract new segments to benefit from many the advantages offered by the Housing Bank to its customers, through the exclusive competitive prices and features that distinguish the campaign, and which contribute directly to the achievement of numerous social objectives.

The residential loan from the Housing Bank has an interest rate that is considered the lowest on residential loans in Jordan (5.99%), along with exclusive benefits; such as the exemption from mortgage fees and grants commission.


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