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Sunday 13 June 2021

The Housing Bank Renews its Strategic Partnership with Jordan River Foundation


The Housing Bank,​, has announced that it has renewed its cooperation agreement with Jordan River Foundation (JRF), a move that is in line with its belief in the importance of offering support to humanitarian institutions and non-profit organizations. The agreement, which includes annual financial support of JD150,000, will allow the Foundation to continue funding its programs, with a focus on the Child and Family Protection Program and the Protection Hotline 110, the Communities Empowerment Program- Job Networking Hub, the handicrafts projects and the Al Karma Kitchen

Housing Bank's support for Jordan River Foundation, chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah since 1995, is a major contributor to the achievement of social and economic within Jordanian communities, consistently bringing about positive change by formulating sustainable development models that address the challenges affecting the daily lives of citizens through the adoption of programs and initiatives that focus on child protection and community empowerment.

The Child Protection Program, a beneficiary program of the bank's support, aims to build a safer Jordan for families and children, and contributes to changing the lives of more than 10,000 children and families annually by implementing an intervention, prevention, and awareness services through the Psychological Services Unit at the Jordan River Foundation. The program has adopted an integrated model involving all parties concerned with children, treating cases of abuse of children and women while also efficiently and effectively handling the psychological, social and legal consequences. The Child Protection Program includes a free-of-charge protection hotline (110) that is operated by a trained team of volunteers who respond to incoming calls at a rate of more than 7000 annually. Through the hotline, children and their families gain access to advisory services in matters related to the physical, psychological, social and educational development of children.

 The Housing Bank's funding will also cover the Communities Empowerment Program - Job Networking, which exemplifies the Jordan River Foundation's commitment to sustainable human development by empowering individuals, communities, and institutions to achieve long-term economic and social prosperity. This program works to develop the ideals of entrepreneurship on the personal and institutional levels through innovative and sustainable models that enable beneficiaries to achieve financial independence by supporting their projects and developing their skill sets. The foundation aims to reach 1000 people over the course of one year, working with them to develop their skills in the fields of employment, leadership, job creation, and the launch of their projects. The program also provides participants with training, economic, natural and human resources in order to enable them to face challenges and formulate appropriate solutions inhouse.

The Housing Bank's donation will also go to support the handicrafts projects program and Al Karma Kitchen, which work with 300 women from across the Kingdom as independent income-providers, providing them with job opportunities within the foundation's productive projects, which include handicrafts and culinary arts. The program's participants also have access to skills development, entrepreneurship and business management training in order to facilitate their entry into the job market.

Housing Bank has maintained its strategic partnership with the Jordan River Foundation for a number of years as part of its strong belief in the institution's mission of furthering sustainable development in Jordan, which corresponds with the bank's corporate social responsibility strategy and its institutional ethos. ​

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