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Sunday 22 November 2020

The Housing Bank Purchases 185 State of the Art Smart ATMs


The Housing Bank, the largest and most widespread bank in the Kingdom, signed an agreement with the Jordan Business Systems (JBS), partners of Diebold Nixdorf in Jordan and Palestine, for the purchase of 185 ATMs equipped with the latest technology. This comes in line with the Housing Bank’s strategy to continuously provide its clients with the latest most innovative and advanced technologies in the banking sector. This is the second phase of the bank’s plan to upgrade its ATM network on a national level, which saw the installation of 55 ATMS last year, bringing the total number of upgraded machines to 240 around the country.

 The agreement, being the biggest of its kind both locally and regionally, is consistent with the Housing Bank’s enduring endeavors to keep pace with the latest developments in the global banking sector, enhancing its digital services chain, and providing an integrated banking experience and innovative services with added value to its customers as well as contributing to enriching their banking experience. The new ATMs, which will be operational nationwide during the first quarter of 2021, are equipped with the latest technologies that allow users to access new services quickly and safely, without the need to visit a physical bank branch.

 Commenting the new step, Housing Bank Chief Business Officer Vasken Ajemian said, (The Housing Bank’s strategic vision includes the adoption of the most innovative and advanced technologies in banking sector. We continue to provide the latest cutting-edge technologies that offer our clients a unique and exceptional experience, and that advance our efforts on the road to digital transformation.) Ajemian went on to add, (The Housing Bank has always been a pioneer in responding efficiently to the evolving needs of its customers. Over the past years, the bank has worked on advancing its infrastructure in order to support its digital transformation, and it continues to implement its vision for transformation by continuously upgrading its ATMs in order to provide its clients the latest advanced technologies available locally and globally.)

 From his end, JBS Jordan and Palestine General Manager Emad Suwan said, (Through the agreement, JBS will provide the Housing Bank, a pioneer in the region’s banking sector, with the latest technologies that adapt to the current and future requirements through the digitization of transaction banking.( Suwan went on to say that the Housing Bank’s choice to deal with Nixdorf Diebold, a leader in manufacture and development of smart ATMs, will contribute in delivering the latest banking services to the Housing Bank customs, making it an enhances positive experience befitting the customers of this large banking organization.)

 Housing Bank’s new advanced ATMs will have multi-touch screens and will also support the contactless technology, short-term communication services, speedy QR codes and the use of fingerprints for completing all banking procedures. They will also allow users to benefit from a series of exceptional new services, including cash deposit and instant check deposit and other services.

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