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Tuesday 27 July 2021

HRH Princess Ghida Talal Honors Housing Bank for Sponsoring KHCF Journalist Award

King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center Chairperson of the Board of Trustees HRH Princess Ghida Talal recently recognized the Housing Bank, the most widely spread bank in the Kingdom, for its support being a strategic partner of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation Award for Journalists.
At a recognition event held on the 14th of July 2021, to announce the names of the award-winning media professionals at the King Hussein Cancer Center, HRH Princess Ghida Talal presented Housing Bank CEO Ammar Safadi with a commemorative plaque in recognition of the bank's continuous support of the King Hussein Cancer Center and Foundation and its sponsorship of the annual media award, just one aspect of the strategic partnership agreement between the two institutions.

At the meeting, Ammar Safadi thanked HRH Princess Ghida and congratulated the winners of the annual award, adding that the bank's strategic partnership with the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center is directly in line with its unwavering belief in the foundation's humanitarian mission. According to Safadi, the foundation devotes itself to the treatment of cancer patients through the provision of the best holistic care at the highest international standards, while simultaneously raising awareness about the gravity of the disease and the importance of early detection.

Safadi added, "The Housing Bank recognizes the immense efforts made by the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center, and we are proud to be a leader among Jordanian companies and institutions that support its mission as part of our corporate social responsibility strategy. The honor received by the bank today will further motivate us to continue building community-based partnerships that work towards achieving sustainable and comprehensive development."

Safadi also spoke of the vital role played by the printed, visual, audio and electronic media in spreading knowledge and raising awareness about cancer and the importance of early detection, as well as highlighting the tireless efforts of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation.

The Housing Bank and the King Hussein Cancer Foundation have previously signed strategic partnership agreement in their continued efforts to raise awareness about cancer and the importance of providing the best comprehensive care at the highest standards for cancer patients
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