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Tuesday 22 October 2019

Housing Bank Participates in Mural Drawing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


As part of its social responsibility, and in a step to reinforce its leading role in health education and awareness, a group of employees from the Housing Bank, the largest and most widespread bank in Jordan, participated in drawing a mural at the entrance of the city of Salt in order to raise awareness about breast cancer.

A number of Housing Bank employees volunteered as part of the Housing Bank CSR team 'Ataa Al Iskan' to draw the mural, which is one in a series of events organized annually by the King Hussein Cancer Foundation in October to raise awareness about breast cancer.

The 50-square-meter mural consists of a number of drawings containing awareness messages about the importance of early screening for breast cancer, and highlighting women's role and status in society.

The Housing Bank's participation in this activity reflected its humanitarian and social aspects, which, according to its executive management, are no less important than its economic and investment roles. The Bank continuously works to enhance its community contribution to make a positive and effective impact on the lives of individuals and the society, in line with its leading role as a cornerstone for the country and one of the pillars of the national economy.

The Housing Bank CSR Team 'Ataa Al Iskan' is a volunteering team launched by the Housing Bank in 2018 to allow its employees to volunteer in the initiatives and activities the Bank organizes and participates in, in order to achieve the goals of its social responsibility plan.

The Housing Bank is one of the main sponsors of King Hussein Cancer Foundation's programs and activities, and has recently signed a strategic partnership with the Foundation believing in the active role the Foundation plays in preventing and raising awareness about cancer.

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