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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Housing Bank Honors Employees with 15 Years of Service and Holders of Academic and Professional Degrees


In recognition of their long service, commitment and dedication to their work, Housing Bank CEO Ammar Al-Safadi has honored, during a special ceremony held at the Housing Bank headquarters in Shmeisani with the presence of members of the executive management, a number of employees with 15 years of service, and others who received academic and professional degrees sponsored by the Bank.

This recognition is in line with the Housing Bank's mission to continuously care about its employees and in appreciation of their dedication and hard work, in addition to the Bank's belief in the importance of lifelong learning and education and their impact on improving the performance of employees and ultimately enhancing the services offered to customers, while ensuring the Bank's growth and unique position in the Jordanian banking sector.

During the ceremony, Al-Safadi praised the dedication and continuous contribution of the Bank's employees to achieve the visions and goals of the Housing Bank to remain at the forefront of the Jordanian banking sector, saying: "Teamwork and the one team spirit are the basis of the best performance for all of us. Thank you for your efforts and unique contributions for the development of the Bank's performance to reach its current level. Today, as we continue to grow and move forward, we have even bigger goals ahead of us to achieve."

Al-Safadi also praised the employees who obtained higher university or professional degrees during their work at the Housing Bank, noting that this recognition is a direct reflection of the Bank's internal plans which include encouraging employees to improve their academic and professional competencies and develop their skills and knowledge in a way that contributes to creating competent leaders with outstanding performance.

At the end of the ceremony, Al-Safadi distributed certificates and honorary gifts to the honored employees.

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