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Wednesday 19 August 2020

The Housing Bank Donates 6000 Books to The Amman Municipality Library

The Housing Bank has donated 6000 books to the Amman Municipality library, a move that is directly in line with its strategy to further education in the Kingdom by encouraging a culture of knowledge-seeking. As a long-time advocate of literacy in Jordan, the Housing Bank selected books that span a wide variety of subjects and genres in order to increase access to appropriate reading materials as well as to implant a passion for reading among all age groups.

 The books donated, mostly in support of Jordanian authors, were given to the Amman Municipality from the bank’s personal collection, which it has been accumulating for many years.

 The Housing Bank believes in the importance of reading as a method to enrich both the mind and the soul, and that it is an ideal conduit to plant the seeds of constructive principles in people, regardless of their economic, social or educational backgrounds. The bank is also an avid supporter of literacy, and the important role that it plays in inspiring a love of learning.

 The Housing Bank stands firm in its belief in the critical roles performed by both education and culture, which it believes are important criteria to assess the development of nations and people, having a palpable impact on creating capable individuals who contribute to the prosperity of a nation.

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