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Monday 14 November 2022

Housing Bank Wins Peacock Social Media Award


For the second consecutive year, Housing Bank - the most widespread bank in Jordan was awarded a Peacock social media award at the World Social Media Forum, that was held at the St. Regis Hotel, Amman. The bank won the award for the ‘Best Bank Use of Social Media for Marketing Campaign’ for the year of 2022.

The ‘Best Bank Use of Social Media for Marketing Campaign’ 2022 was given for the bank’s ‘Idhak Wa Masheeha’ campaign, a campaign dedicated towards spreading positivity during the holy month. The campaign stimulated the daily life of the Jordanian society given that Housing Bank is an integral part of the society, in which it encouraged dealing with life situations with a smile. The campaign was spread on a widescale for spreading positive messages and forgiveness during the holy month.

The Peacock awards are the first award of its kind, in which it was launched to reward banks, companies, journalists, and social media influencers who use social media platforms as part of their creative marketing strategies that communicate with the public through innovative content.

The bank expressed pride and appreciation in receiving this award for the second year in a row, which confirms its continued success over the past years and consolidates its leading position through creative and innovative communication on social media platforms with its existing and potential customers in supporting their ambitions and achieving their dreams. 

The bank won two social media Peacock awards from the World Social Media Forum in the year of 2021. One being for ‘Best Bank Use of Social Media for PR’, which was launched as part of its celebration of Jordan’s centennial anniversary. The second one being ‘Best Bank Use of Social Media for Marketing Campaign’ for the ‘Your loan wins you cash’ campaign.

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