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Monday 26 October 2020

The Housing Bank Announces the Winners of the Quarterly Savings Account Prizes


The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, the most widespread bank in the Kingdom, announced the winners of the quarterly JD 25,000 savings accounts draw; Munira Mohammad Al Aridi and Ahmad Saleh Nasir.

 In March, the Housing Bank launched its 2020 savings accounts campaign, with valuable prizes to be won for any savings account with a minimum balance of JD100. As part of the promotional campaign, the bank announced a winner every hour of its official working day, which begins at 9am and ends at 3pm, for a total of seven winners each day. Also throughout the year, the Housing Bank distributes prizes quarterly, semi-annually, and annual prizes, with the grand prize announce at the end of the year. Through its innovative promotional campaigns, the Housing Bank delivers on its commitment to offer its clients exceptional services and spreads awareness about the importance of saving as a means of securing a better future.

 Housing Bank’s 2020 savings account prize campaign saw seven daily winners of the JD999 prize, as well as two winners of the JD 25,000 quarterly prize every three months, two winners of the semi-annual JD 75,000 prize, and two winners of the annual JD 100,000 prize. As per the campaign rules, savings account holders can win more than one prize each year, and can also benefit from periodic interest payments added to their accounts.

 As part of its determination to always present added-value services, the bank continuously works to serve its clients around the clock through its various electronic platforms and channels, including Iskan Online, the Iskan Call Center, and the Iskan app.

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