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Saturday 23 April 2016

Abdulilah Al-Khatib is the chairman of the Housing Bank



The board of directors of the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance elected Mr. Abdulilah Mohammed Al-Khatib as the chairman of the board and Mr. Abdullah Mubarak Aal Khalifa as the vice-Chairman of the Board after he briefed on the resignation of Dr. Michel Marto and Sheikh Ali bin Jassim Aal Thani of their positions, also taking note of the vacated Ministry of Finance / Sultanate of Oman from the board.

In accordance with the instructions of Corporate Governance issued by the Central Bank, Mr. Abdulilah Al-Khatib will be an undedicated chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Board had decided the election of Dr. Yasser Al-Edwan, the virtuous Sheikha Al-Faresi, and Mr. al-Khatib as independent members of the board of directors beginning from 21.04.2016, at the same meeting which was held on Thursday morning.

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