Fast Track

Fast Track for Our Clients in the SMEs Sector

Get your loan as soon as possible through the new Fast Track to speed up the credit transactions of the SME facilities from Housing Bank for existing and new customers within specific criteria.

Service Beneficiaries

Our existing and new clients from the SMEs sector.


  • Various financing options for up to 200,000 JODs.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Fast and easy procedures in implementing and disbursing the loan on the account within two working days.

 Apply Now to Benefit from the Fast Track Service

If your annual sales
are less than JOD1 million

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If your annual sales
are more than JOD1 million

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*Subject to the bank’s terms and conditions, the bank has the right to request any appropriate guarantees.

*For more information please call our Call Center (Iskan 24/7) at +962 6 5200400 or free toll number at  080022111.

General Terms and Conditions

For Small Enterprises

  • Reducing interest rate starting from 9%
  • The age of the effective partner should be at most 70 years at the end of the loan term.
  • Life insurance of the effective partner
  • The customer must be classified within stage 1 and not included in the international ban list and the lists of rejected checks at the bank and the Central Bank
  • The operating period of the company/establishment should not be less than two years
  • No current delay in payment, with the acceptance of previous delays of less than 29 days for a maximum of 5 times within 12 months
  • The customer should have an account or open one in the event that they do not have transactions with the bank
  • No banking or financial issues among the results of customers and related inquiries
  • Payment shall be made in regular installments with no single payment or Balloon Payment being accepted
  • In the event of renewal of existing facilities, one year must have passed since the customer’s request to renew the previous loan, provided that the purpose of the facility request is the same and that the age of the existing facility is not less than two years
  • The possibility of granting a new loan to the bank’s customers who have existing facilities and own a real estate collateral mortgage to the bank, provided that the new loan’s value with the existing facilities’ balance does not exceed the value of the mortgage
  • Nominal interest rate is an aggregate of a one year OVERNIGHT INTERBANK interest rate starting from 1/7/2018 (as issued by The Central Banks in Jordan) and a spread that is changed on a monthly basis (except for auto loans and advanced loans)

For Medium Enterprises

For medium enterprises, specific financial indicators take place after analyzing the financial statements in addition to non-financial criteria in terms of blacklists, sanction lists, unpaid dues with banks, age of activity, type of sector, and others.