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Branches Network

​The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance expanded its branch network on a wide scale in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan so as to enhance its distribution channels to effectively reach out to citizens in all the kingdom's provinces. Then, the Bank sought to offer its services in Palestine, where it inaugurated nine branches in the Palestinian National Authority areas .
Afterwards, HBTF started penetrating Arab markets. The first commercial branch was inaugurated in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
At a later stage, HBTF established subsidiary Banks in Algeria , Syria and London . In addition, the Bank opened representative offices in:

  • Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  • Tripoli (Libya)
  • Baghdad (Iraq)
Apart from the above, it is worth mentioning that the Housing Bank for Trade & Finance is the first Bank in Jordan and the Arab world to establish a Children Branch in Haya's Cultural Center in the city of Amman. The purpose of having this branch is to educate children about saving and banking operations.
In this branch, we train children to do some banking operations using a user friendly and straightforward approach. We have also enlisted the Children Branch activities within the cultural events that Haya Cultural Center offers.